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Truth Detox: Replacing "Truths" with Truths

As a church, we’ve gone on a truth detox together for almost two months now. While many of us were already familiar with the idea of a physical detox - and have possibly tried a number for ourselves - this truth detox series was about addressing our need to remove the spiritual toxins from our spiritual bodies.

Lead Pastor Daniel Cheo preaching his heart out during the Truth Detox series.

If you remember, Pastor Daniel Cheo began the series by saying, “What you believe ultimately impacts the way you think and the way you think, ultimately impacts your decisions and the decisions you make influence the outcomes of your life.”

Paul said it this way, “Don’t copy the behaviour and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.” Romans 12:2a (NLT)

We learned that when we stop and reflect long enough on the areas of our lives in which we are dissatisfied (relationships, finances, spiritual condition...), we will find that the act of simply re-deciding alone isn’t enough to bring us to our ideal happy outcomes. All attempts to go at it have left us disillusioned after a short hard sprint.

Pastor Daniel continued by saying, “If you want a new life, you need new decisions but new decisions are the result of new thinking. But in order for new thinking (truths) we need to take out (detox) the old “truths” (our own beliefs).”

"Only the real truths can set us free from the outcomes that we are so unhappy about."

The process of renovating our belief system is messy, it takes longer than we first imagine it to, but it always leads to a beautiful, satisfying life that is unrestrained and full of potential for His glory.

Now let’s take another walk through the 7 truths as we wrap up this series:

Mistruth: Simply re-deciding will change my life.

Truth: Holding onto the real truths can set us free from the outcomes that we are so unhappy about.

Mistruth: It is okay to care about the opinions of others. I need to have a good reputation to be an influence for Christ.

Truth: When we are driven by the opinions of men, we lose sight of who and whose we are, become increasingly self-centred and forfeit our destiny. On the contrary, when we fear the Lord, we become increasingly Christ-like and get to leave an impact on this earth.

Mistruth: Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.

Truth: Often words do hurt, and at times they hurt for a lifetime. Words are powerful. God literally spoke the world into existence. God then created Man in His own image. Therefore, we too have creative power in our words and need to watch what we say.

Mistruth: I have doubts so I cannot have faith.

Truth: We can have doubts and still trust God anyway. Faith is not the absence of doubt, it is the means to overcome our doubts. Abraham could model amazing faith because he knew he was in a covenantal relationship with God, he trusted that God is in control and he didn’t let what he was going through to determine his faith in God.

Mistruth: The longer I am in church, the greater the change in me.

Truth: The amount of time we spend in church, the amount of responsibilities we carry and even the amount of people we lead is not an indication of how good a christian we are. It all boils down to the spiritual soil of our hearts. Investing in the cultivation of our heart soil is what truly matters.

Mistruth: Isn’t it human to worry?

Truth: We live in a culture of worry where worry is so normal that we even think worrying for someone is a virtue. Yet when Jesus was addressing this very issue, He said believers of God should not be worried about life. We are fashioned for faith...not worry! Instead of worrying, we should go to Jesus and hand Him our burdens and worries.

Mistruth: What’s happening to earth has nothing to do with me.

Truth: In Genesis after God created man, He handed the responsibility of caring for the earth to man. However, instead of caring for God’s creation, we have done whatever we want, not realising there are serious consequences.. We have fallen so far from the stewardship God has given us. We need to care for our world with the wisdom and nature of God, as if He Himself were caring for it.


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