Change of Heart - Yun Wei

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

I came from a Buddhist family and only knew God existed because of my primary school. However, I never had a personal relationship with Jesus.

In August last year, my classmate Isaiah, invited me to church. I agreed to come. When I stepped into the service hall, I was quite shocked as this was very different. The culture here was that people jumped and raise their hands in surrender to express how much they love God! I didn’t understand why.

However, during worship, I remember experiencing peace in my heart that overwhelmed me. I hadn’t experienced it before, and broke down during worship experience. Isaiah later explained that it was God and on that day I received Jesus into my life.

It wasn’t an easy journey. My parents didn’t allow me to go church, and I would have to miss life group and service often. There were many times where I felt like giving up. I lacked the courage to make the stand.

However, despite my young age, I already knew I wanted to follow Jesus for the rest of my life.

Recently, I saw how God softened my parents’ hearts. My life group and I gathered to pray for my parents to allow me to go for the Cambodia mission trip.

I mustered up my courage and asked my parents if I could go for mission trip. God proved Himself with all the prayers. To my surprise, both my parents said yes! I was amazed at how God moved as I didn’t think they would allow this, especially since they were already against me attending church.

During these few months, God has also brought me through a healing process. At a young age of seven, I was a victim of abuse. I thought it was normal for girls to go through this and never gave this much thought. I grew older and it happened again. I became sensitive, to the point of being traumatised and fear gripped me tight.