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Will I Ever Be Complete?

I M P A C T  L I F E  W O R S H I P

Will I Ever Be Complete?

Original theme song written for ‘Toymaker the Musical: A New Beginning'

Music and Lyrics by Melissa Lim
Music by Melissa Tang

I can only dream

Of who I'm meant to be

All this time I've known

This tunic what-may-be

I am incomplete and bare

What if I end up like Bee?

Abandoned lost like him

Can I trust this man?

Are they empty promises?

It's been awhile he picked me up

Will I ever be complete?

Can I trust in what he said?

All I feel is pain deep inside my heart

Does he even know how this feels?

If I doubt what will I become?

Do I really know what's best?

Am I really in control?

Perhaps I'll wait and see

I can only trust Him for now

So I'll trust in what he said to me

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