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When Will It Be My Turn?

I M P A C T  L I F E  W O R S H I P

When Will It Be My Turn?

Original theme song written for ‘Toymaker the Musical: The New Beginning'

Music and Lyrics by Gideon Choo, Lee Jia Jun
Music by Neo Ming Yi, Sean Ravie, Lester Choy

Out among the galaxy

I was crafted with delight

A hero for the children

Rolling out with pride

Abused and tossed without a thought

Left alone with no one's help

Fitted with this hideous head

Looking like a fool

The toymaker.. He promised to fix me.. Will he? Argh!

When will it be my turn? 

Am I long forgotten

A hero of the past

My dreams forever ended

A million thoughts inside my head

Should I listen to what he said

Will he fix me back again?

Will it all be right again?

But I have seen what he can do

Should I trust in what he said

Is it crazy to believe

That he can fix me back again

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