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This Not So Tiny Box

I M P A C T  L I F E  W O R S H I P

This Not So Tiny Box

Original theme song written for ‘Toymaker the Musical: A New Beginning'

Music and Lyrics by Melissa Lim
Music by Melissa Tang

What's so great about this box

I just don't understand

I'm meant to cheer the kids out here

But why am I in there?

I was on the top of the world

My talent on display
Until he chucked me me in that box
Now I'm hidden from the world

But there's something 'bout this not-so-tiny box
'Pop!' and the room is surprised
The laughter and giggles of these little ones
They fill my heart with so much joy

Maybe I should stop wondering about this box
Thinking of reasons why I'm stuck inside

And maybe I should start pondering why

The purpose I'm made for according to him

I'm carefully crafted, intentionally made

This box is meant to make me shine so bright

A surprise, a delight, cheering kids up

I'm made with purpose and so are you

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