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Sometimes I wonder

I M P A C T  L I F E  W O R S H I P

Sometimes I wonder

Music written for ‘Toymaker the Musical’


“Come to think of it, does the toymaker
really have good plans for me?”
Well actually I don’t really know

Verse 1

Maybe Jack is right
Maybe he plans to make us look like fools
Oh my alas!
What am I to do?
Tell me why am I
Why am I wearing this pinkish frock?
This tutu of mine
What’s it even for?

Verse 2

For the longest time
I’ve been wondering
What’s unique about me
Jack has his box
Thomas brave and strong
And the only thing
Just this only thing that makes me special
This tutu of mine
What’s it even for?

Verse 3

Sometimes I wonder
If Jack and Thomas wore a tutu
Hmm how would Jack look like ? Ew
And Thomas? No way
The only one who can wear this thing and
not look weird is me!
This tutu is what makes it me
Cos I’m a ballerina!


This tutu just brings out

Who I really am

It helps me dance helps me plie

It makes me look like so graceful

How can I think otherwise

Doubting his design

This tutu I’m wearing

That’s what makes it me

Cos I’m Bella

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