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Jack's Rebellion

I M P A C T  L I F E  W O R S H I P

Jack's Rebellion / Uprising

Music written for ‘Toymaker the Musical’


Yo DJ drop the beat.


This one goes out to all them toys

Who don't need the toymaker

Look at me now

Stuck in the box

Stuck in this grand illusion


Look at you now

Prancing around with your grand delusion


Yo Toymaker?

More like Dream breaker

I've been sitting waiting praying hoping

What do I get?

The man's a faker


I told you i remember those days

Thought it was all good and fancy

Decided I've waited enough

Time to get nasty

Now I'm the star of the show

Don't need no creator

When you turn out the lights

And look around to see who's left

You'll find the last man standing's

Always me

Hey listen


Go, go, hey no

This joke of a dance ain't how it works

You dance a little

Ya look so brittle


In the end does it matter

you can dance you can sing but you know

That you're only being played

By the maker

His plans overrated

Your final form undated

Will you live to the end

Will you break will you bend

Only time will tell what He stated

One day you'll see if that's real

Trust me Thomas,

All He does is conceal

These fantasies are UNREAL!

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