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KEY: E Major

BPM: 138

Written by Melissa Lim


A    C#m    E    B

Verse 1

A                C#m

Who, who is like You Lord


There’s no one else


On earth that can compare

Verse 2

Love, Love that gave it all
You called us and loved us as Your own


    D              E

Increase in us as we pray

F#m                A/C#

Lord come and have Your way

D        E

We believe for more

F#m                A/C#

We believe for greater


A        C#m
Oh we run

E                  B

Freely to Your love

A        C#m

Oh we fall

E                B

Deeper into You


Your love is deep


Your love is wide

       E                  B

Your love is all we need

Verse 3

Let Your fire fall on us
As we sing Your praise

And tell of all You’ve done

Verse 4

Chains, chains are breaking now

As we lift You up
High above the earth


            F#m     C#m    B

You are calling, calling us

      F#m     C#m          B

We come alive in Your love

            F#m     C#m    B

You are chasing, chasing us

    F#m   C#m       B

To run deeper into You

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