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KEY: A Major

BPM: 122

Written by Gideon Choo & Neo Ming Yi


D   A    F#m   E

Verse 1

D                           A
Here we are in Your Presence

          F#m                     E

We’ve come to seek Your face

D                     A

Fill us with Your passion

      F#m               E

We want more of You

Verse 2

                        D        A

Together we will lift our cry

                             F#m     E

Your love alone will satisfy

D                           A

Here we are in Your presence

      F#m        E

We long for You


    D              E

Increase in us as we pray

F#m                A/C#

Lord come and have Your way

D        E

We believe for more

F#m                A/C#

We believe for greater


D          A

More of You in our lives Lord

F#m     E

Only You satisfy all

D              A

Take Your place over all Lord

F#m       E

We believe for greater


D               A/C#

Our hearts, our praise

F#m           E

Our world, we surrender

D              A/C#

Our hope, our light

    F#m          E

You reign, You reign

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