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Speak, I Believe

I M P A C T  L I F E  W O R S H I P

KEY: C Major

BPM: 74

Written by Mavis Leow


F C Am G

Verse 1


Father to the Fatherless  


Orphans to sons and daughters 

Am                               G

You called me Your own

Verse 2


In the mess You see beauty 


You never once turned away

Am                                 G

You called me for more


   C/E        F                  

I wanna know You more 

         Am    C                            G

Cos’ life is better with You Lord


                      F          C

There’s no fear in love 

   Am                   G

In You, I come alive

                             F        C

You make me confident 

   Am                                      G

In You my strength will rise 

             F                  C

I’m letting go of all my fears 

Am           G

I put my hope 

                         F                    C

In what You speak over me 

             Am           G

You speak over me

Verse 3

When doubt starts creepin’ in 

Confusion in my head 

You’re still with me 

Verse 4

When I don’t know what’s ahead

What You’re doing in this story 

I’m still Your child


F                              Am

Your Words I believe 


How You speak over me  


Your thoughts towards me

I can’t even count


F                           Am

Let my heart recall  


Every promise You made 


You’re right here with me 

You will never change 

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