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Free To Live

I M P A C T  L I F E  W O R S H I P

KEY: A Major

BPM: 128

Written by Gideon Choo & Neo Ming Yi


D A F#m E

Verse 1

A                           D

Into Your house O Lord

F#m            E

I'm coming in

A                        D

Laying my burdens down

F#m      E

Fill me again

Verse 2

Into Your arms O God

I'm running in

Your love surrounds me now

I'm found again


               D           E

Now I’m free to live

        F#m                               A

You turned my mourning into dancing

D           E

Free to praise

             F#m             A

You’ve given me a song to sing


D     A               F#m             E

             You’ve given me a song to sing

Verse 3

Into Your house O Lord


Trading my broken heart 

I’m alive again

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