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Fix My Eyes

I M P A C T  L I F E  W O R S H I P

KEY: Bb Major

BPM: 124

Written by Tan Yang En, Gideon Choo, Mavis Leow & Melissa Lim


Eb Cm Gm F Bb F

Verse 1

        Eb                                    Cm

You make me come alive 


This love You’ve given me 


Opened my eyes to see

             Eb                                Cm

You’re always by my side


God where You’re leading me


That’s where I’m gonna be

Pre Chorus


God You’re true to Your Word


Your love is enough

       Gm                             F

I’m fixing my eyes on You


And I already know


You’re drawing me close

             Gm                              F

You’re holding my world


Eb                                  Cm         

Through highs and lows I’m never


Gm                         F

Your Presence Lord is all I need

Eb                         Cm           

So come what may, I won’t be afraid      Gm F  

Cos I’m fixing my eyes on You

Verse 2

Your Presence here with me

God You are in control

And so I’m letting go

Whatever comes my way

Your faithfulness is true

I’m holding on to You

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