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lord of all

impact life worship

KEY: C Major

BPM: 128

Written by Lee Jia Jun, Gideon Choo &  Melissa Lim


Am F C

Verse 1

Glorious day

        F                             C

Our Saviour Christ was born


From His throne

      F                          C

He humbly came for us



  F                     C          

Eternal life has come

       Em                           Am

The nations sing His praise

F               G

  Sing His praise


      Am    F        C         Em

All glory to the King

      Am    F        C           Em

All glory to the Highest One

      Am        F             C             Em

Behold our God who was, and is, and is to 

       Am     F


             Gsus4    G

Praise the Lord of all

Verse 2

Hope of all

Light unto the world 

He walked the earth

To seek and save the lost

To bear our sin

The lamb of God was slain 

Creation sings His praise

The highest praise


Am F C

Verse 3

Let us come

Boldly to His throne

In times of need

There’s grace poured out for us

God Your love 

And mercy never ends 

So we will sing Your praise

The highest praise

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