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KEY: Ab Major

BPM: 77

Written by Melissa Lim


Db   Fm   Eb   Ab/C

Db   Fm   Eb

Verse 1

Db                  Fm             Eb

In the battle on the ground

Db                Fm          Eb

In the valley all around

Db                    Fm             Eb

In my weakness, in my doubt

            D    Fm  Eb

You are here, woah

Verse 2

When shame tries to pull me down

When voices say I'm not good enough

When fear tries to grip my soul

I'll stand in Your love, woah


Db              Ab

I'll raise my banner high

Fm                      Eb

In the midst of the darkness

Db               Ab

I can raise a mighty shout

      Fm            Eb

For You are my strength

Db            Ab

I find my hiding place

Fm                       Eb

In the arms of Your embrace

Bbm            Ab/C        Eb

You hold my victory

Verse 3

We walk by faith and not by sight

We'll sing Your song throughout the night

As we praise the walls come down

There's power in Your name, woah


Db   Fm   Eb   Ab/C

Db   Fm   Eb


                        Db      Fm

You're taking us higher


You're taking us deeper


You're taking us further

                Fm               Eb

Than we've ever been before

                           Db   Fm

You're raising an army


All for Your kingdom

            Bbm     Ab/C     Eb

We will raise a mighty shout

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