2020 Course Schedule

Courses Available: Bass Guitar and Electric Guitar


Music Academy

30 Mar | 7:30pm to 9:30pm 

6 Apr, 13 Apr, 20 Apr, 27 Apr | 8:00pm to 9:00pm

4 May | 7:30pm to 9:30pm 

Worship Academy

11 May, 18 May | 7:30pm to 9:30pm 

Venue: Vision Exchange/10 Toh Guan (TBC)

Course Fees: $70 for IL, $35 for YI 



“My biggest takeaway was that at the heart of the Worship Ministry, there was no sense of “I”, but “We”. I’ve learnt that we’re a family and we have only one goal in mind - to usher people into God’s presence while allowing God to fully use our gifts to do His work.” 


“During the 8 weeks of Music Academy, I’ve learnt how to use different chord shapes and playing techniques to suit the dynamics of the song. The online tutorials were good and the Instructors were very open to questions.” 


“Auditioning for the band has always seemed so daunting to me as we had to sing on stage without any prior experience or any certainty that we are doing the right thing. However, our Music and Worship Academy helped to bridge that as we learnt the correct way of singing and had the opportunity to practise on stage with an actual band.” 

Course Resources

Music Academy | Worship Academy


Do you have any course prerequisites?

You must have completed DNA/BMT as with all members who would like to serve in
church, as this is enroute in helping you to serve in our Worship Ministry.

Do I have to know how to play an instrument?

No, but it would be good to come in with some interest and experience in your
instrument for you to maximise your learning process.
However, you are required to have experience playing the Acoustic Guitar if you are
interested in signing up for Rhythm Electric Guitar classes.

Why is there a pre-admission technical interview? When is it?

This is to keep class sizes small for a conducive environment. We also want to make
sure that you are enrolled in the right class in order to maximise your learning

The interviews will be conducted on Friday 27 March (between 5 - 7pm) or Saturday 28
March (between 640pm to 840pm) in church. Details of your interview will be sent to you
by 24 March 2020, 11:59 pm.

What is the commitment level for this entire process? What are the stages

It will be a 2-month process, regardless of the evaluation assessment.
Week 1 - Week 5: Theory & Practical Lessons
Week 6: Revision + Mid-Term Evaluation
Week 7 to Week 8: Worship Academy

What is the difference between the Music and Worship Academy?

The Music Academy is where you get to hone your personal skills, whereas in the
Worship Academy, you will be practicing your instrument in a band setting with our
Worship Team.

Why is there such an elaborate process to help people serve on board the
Worship Ministry?

We’ve realized that people need time and consistent practice to adapt their current skills
to ILC Worship’s DNA. We want to equip people with the necessary skills and doing this
well will require one’s commitment and time.

Can I only join if I want to serve in the Worship Ministry? What if I want to join to
improve myself for LG praise and worship?

Yes! Just indicate your interest to us so we will not put you through our Worship

How much are the course fees and what am I paying for?

Course fees for Music Academy will be $70 for IL and $35 for YI.
You will be paying for a special curriculum that our own Instructors have crafted which is
aligned to ILC’s Worship DNA. This sets our Academy apart from music schools outside. Learning is done throughout the week as we combine an online-learning approach
coupled with face-to-face lessons. We will release an online video tutorial at the start of
each week to help students practice a new skill, followed by lessons with our Instructors
in a small class size. There will be no course fees for Worship Academy.

Do I need to have my own Bass/Electric Guitar?

We do have some equipment provided during our allocated practice time slots at church.
Practice time slots will be released once your course starts.

Why is there an Evaluation at the end of MA?

The evaluation just helps to gauge your progress the past 6 weeks. Regardless of the
evaluation’s results, you will still continue on to our Worship Academy.

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