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"If a small group of praying individuals can bring about this wave, just imagine what an entire church of surrendered people can do for Jesus."


Verse 1: 

I was lost when You found me 

Gave me life for eternity

God You’re writing my story 

You’re making all things new 

Verse 2:

I could never imagine

The price You paid when you died for me.


"As we pressed into God each week, we began to see that God was calling us to intercessory warfare as a church. He is raising an army, training us to win our world on the spiritual front and this is not something we are taking lightly."

~Sean Ravie

"I actually had another song direction planned out and ready to go… but the Holy Spirit led me to write another song that spoke about turning away from the world and desiring for more of God."

~ Gideon Choo

Verse 1:

Here I am 

Consumed by this fire

To lift You higher


Verse 2:

Here I stand

Awakened to freedom


Verse 1:

Humbly I stand before You 

Knowing my sin has 

Nailed You to the Cross 


Verse 2:

Search me 

Reveal my condition


"The chorus of the song was actually inspired by David’s cry in Psalms 51 which says “restore to me the joy of salvation, renew a right Spirit in me”. Salvation speaks of our first surrender - the first time we say Jesus, be the Lord of my life."

~ Melissa Lim

"We introduced this song ‘Paid It All’ during a time of communion in July. Singing this song with this new understanding as a church was really powerful."

~ Jia Jun

Verse 1:

Hope was lost, sin abound 

Mercy and grace was calling out

The Father’s heart, broken for us

He gave His only Son 


Pre-chorus 1:

I know it is written 

Christ has paid it all for me


Verse 1:

I had all these questions in my head 

Wondering who I am

I had all these questions what’s to life

Thinking of the road ahead


Until You came and showed me

A different way


"What I liked about this year was how we wrote each song together as one team. Not only that, week after week we leaned in closely to each sermon. The Word was our datum point and we didn't hesitate to challenge every lyric to have each word earn its place in the songs."

~ Yang En

Verse 1:

I am done striving doing life my way

I have seen the limits of my ability 

God would You come help me

Have Your way

Have Your way 


Verse 2:

I am done fighting this war on my own  

You train my hands for battle

"Along the way, we also felt led to write a song about the Holy Spirit;  a song that would teach people how to strengthen themselves in God.  With that came the song “By Your Spirit (I Will Rise)” "

~ Mavis Leow



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