Daniel Cheo

Lead Pastor

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Daniel Cheo is the Lead Pastor of Impact Life Church. He also happens to be the founding pastor and provides the overall leadership, spiritual leadership and also pastoral care to the church. He spent some time as a missionary in the field and later served as the youth pastor of Youth Impact. He is married to Evelyn Cheam and has two sons, Ernest and Dominic. Whenever he has free time, he loves watching some movies, playing some sports and walking the dog.



Melissa Tang

Administrative Manager

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Melissa Tang is the Administrative Manager of Impact Life Church, overseeing all things admin and finance-related. Aussie-born and bred, she spent some years in scientific research before coming on staff, and can be found playing and composing music whenever she has pockets of spare time.



Kong Sheng

Creative Lead

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Kong Sheng is the Creative Lead of Impact Life Church, overseeing all things creative, media production and IT over the past 3.5years. He spent 5 years in the film industry as an editor and motion graphics designer, before coming on staff. When Kong Sheng isn’t working, he is either planning his next epic meal or watching NBA games.